Thank you for choosing to try out the Beta version of Wurkr, we really hope you enjoy it.

Currently Wurkr only works via a Chrome browser on a desktop/laptop with a video camera and microphone, it will also work on Android phones, with a Chrome browser, however it is not 100% responsive on an Android Chrome browser.

We recommend you use 2 screens 1 screen running your Wurkr app and the other screen running your productivity working space.

We are aware of some issues with certain firewalls on corporate networks, if you are struggling to log in or you cannot see your other users in the office then try using an open network to access the app or hotspot from your phone to see if it’s a firewall issue.

If you have any questions please log a ticket at Wurkr Support Tickets using your registered email address.

Visit our YouTube channel for how to videos and guides Wurkr YouTube Channel


1 - Logging in 1st Time

2 - Switching Audio/ Video - on/off

3- Screen Sharing

4 - Inviting team members to your Co’s Digital Office

5 - Inviting one time guest e.g. for Interview, Meeting.

6 - Messaging in Wurkr

7 - Lock a Room

8 - Go for a Break

9 - Help & Support

10 - FAQ’s


You will find your login details for your administrator in the attached email to access your Wurkr office. You will require a Chrome browser on a desktop/laptop with a camera and microphone.


Username: *please see email

Password: *please see email

Once logged in you will appear in the Reception

On first login, you will be prompted to add a profile image, it’s a great way to visually allow your colleagues to know who you are and quickly see your face in another room.

Don’t worry, if you don’t upload your profile image on first login, you can always add or update it as often as you like, by clicking on the drop-down menu next to your name

From here you are free to move to any of the rooms, once in a room you can hear and see anyone else in the same room by switching on your camera and microphone.


Clicking on the following buttons will allow you to switch on and switch off your media (Microphone and Camera)


In order to share your screen, you will need to install the Wurkr Chrome plugin which can be found here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wurkr-screen-capturing/ilohclllmdkbfhhfbchephbifeojkgoa?hl=en-GB

Click on to install the Chrome Plugin, download extension to install. Your screen sharing will now be ready to use. You can have more than one person share a screen in the same room.


You can add new users by clicking on the icon, adding in their email address, we recommend you do this 1 email address at a time.

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In the Beta version, there are no limits to the number of Users you may add.

If you wish to remove or disable any users, please log a support ticket.


You can invite external Guests into the office for video conferences or meetings. First go to the room you wish the meeting to take place in and then simply clicking on and copying the guest link. This will give you a guest link for the room you are in and will be valid for 2 hours to access the room, after which it will expire. You can email the guest link to you guest ensuring they understand that you must use a Chrome browser on your desktop/laptop with a microphone and camera.

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When the guest follows the guest link they will be prompted by the following details

Once they have entered their name and clicked on Login, they will be waiting in the room

The organiser will get a pop up prompt to allow the guest into the room, once accepted the guest and organiser will be able to switch on their media and start their video meeting.

The organiser can allow other users logged into Wurkr to join the meeting room, by messaging them or just going over to the room they are in and asking them to join you.

Guest’s do not have permission to move to any other room, but can send messages to other users.


The messaging centre can be found here. Clicking on it will show you everyone logged into Wurkr 

By clicking on the expand button it will show you the names of the users logged in

By default, when you message it will send a message to the users in the room you are currently in. By clicking on a user to the left, will allow you to message that user wherever they may be in Wurkr. You can use this function to ask someone to come and join you in your room.


This icon will allow you to lock and unlock the room you are currently in. If there are more than one user in the same room, any user or guest may lock or unlock the room. When a room is locked, anyone wishing to enter the room by clicking on the room will have to wait for a user in the room to give you permission to enter.


By clicking on this icon, it will immediately send you to the break room and switch off your media, it simply means you are about but just not at your desk or in your office.


There are 2 ways to get some help or log a support call:

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When you see a live support user logged in, feel free to message them.

Or directly from the drop-down menu and logging a support ticket.


As Wurkr is in Beta launch we do have some teething problems that we are improving every day. We encourage you to send all your feedback to us using the support ticket or by emailing support@wurkr.io. If you can share screen shots of the problem it will make it easier for us to diagnose.

Q: Why can’t I hear or see my colleagues?

A: Do a hard refresh of your Chrome browser, if this still does not work, log out, clear your cache and cookies and retry

Q: My guest is unable to access Wurkr with the guest link?

A: First check that your guest is accessing Wurkr using a Chrome browser and a desktop/laptop as we are not mobile ready just yet.

Q: My guest has logged in using a Chrome browser but cannot see or hear anyone?

A: It’s possible the firewall is blocking the audio/video stream, see if your guest can connect using another network or mobile hotspot

Q: I cannot switch off my microphone?

A: Do a hard refresh of your Chrome browser, if this still does not work, log out, clear your cache and cookies and retry

Q: Why does my screen-sharing not work?

A: Check you have installed the Chrome plugin for screen-sharing, do a hard refresh of your Chrome browser, clear your cache and cookies, if it still does not work then uninstall the Chrome plugin and re-install