Bandwidth requirements

Our video quality dynamically adjusts based on the strength of a user's network connectivity.

We recommend a minimum of 8 Mb/s download speed and 8 Mb/s upload speed to maintain a high quality and stable connection.

If either download or upload is not above the minimum video and audio quality will suffer.

Check your network connectivity below:

Firewall requirements requires access to specific ports. At a minimum the following requirements must be met:

  • Open TCP port 80, 443, 3433, 5668, 5669, 5866 to 5890, 6080, 6443, 8667, and 9667.

  • Open UDP Port 3478 and ports from 1025 to 65535

  • Whitelist the following domains: 

Proxy requirements

As a general rule, using the latest versions of browsers will produce the best results. Most proxies are supported in browsers and mobile apps today. If the only way to access the Internet from your network is through a proxy then it must be a transparent proxy or it must be configured in the browser for HTTPS connections.